What is Tee.do?

Tee.do is a Lean TODO task management tool. Unlike the traditional project management tools, Tee.do enables true Lean and Agile operations management as a pull queue-network.


  • Share tasks & Co-Work online
  • No complex sign-ups
  • Simple and Easy interface
  • Free! No costs

Corporate users interested in a dedicated enterprise level installation for internal operations and external supplier management, please contact sales@tee.do.


Manage daily work by a simple linear list of tasks and prioritize the backlog by business value, cost and risk. To reduce waste of uncompleted work (WIP) and to maximize the project output (velocity), the work limitation system support one-piece-flow as the most efficient working process.

Industries of application

  • Agile Software Development; Scrum, XP, Kanban
  • Change Management & Ticketing for Hosting
  • Financial Management
  • Lean Construction Projects
  • Shopping List

Tee.do can be used for any lean project!


The project manager can identify the bottlenecks, estimate and optimize the work flow by inspecting the actual queue backlog sizes and velocity measurements between various process steps.

The business owner sees for the first time an overview of the actual value creation process, and ways to improve it for higher efficiency.

If for some reason a task cannot be completed, it can be placed as blocked, which is shared to another team's Tee.do work queue.